Xender Pro MOD APK v12.1.2.Prime Download (Ad-Free) for Android

Xender Pro MOD APK

Xender is a great app that lets you quickly and easily send your files to your friends.  Developed by the Xender File Sharing Team, the app is preferred by mobile phone users. The app allows you to send a great video to your friends in seconds, and the speed is always fast.

You are free to share photos, music, videos, applications, documents and other file types, and there is no limit to the file size. Applications are not affected by cable, internet, or data usage features.  In general, you can transfer files to your friends repeatedly. The application can be described in three words: Fast, Smart, Share.

Many Features are Superior to other Software

Xender is an application for sharing popular files (eg music, video, photo, MV, application, pdf, word, excel, zip). However, the app has many great features like the fact that you can transfer all kinds of files anywhere and anytime. This is useful if you don't have WiFi.

Name Xender Pro MOD APK
Version v12.1.2.prime
Size 20 MB
Update 1 day ago
Required 5.0 +


The app does not use mobile data and has a transfer speed that is 200 times faster than Bluetooth - a huge amount.  The application supports different platforms for Android, iOS, Windows, PC/Mac.  So you can be sure that you will use the app with your friends.

Easy to use, you don't need a USB connection or additional computer software to use the app.  Some are not good at understanding difficult instructions on computers.

Most Important Features:

  • Very fast file sharing up to 40 MB/s.
  • Upload all types of files to documents, music, photos, videos or other applications.
  • Transfer files without cable, internet or data.
  • Easily share files from one operating system to another using Xender.
  • Easily transfer files from an old device to a new device using Smart Switch Mobile. Moreover, SMS and contacts can be easily sent along with other data.
  • Integrated file manager that lets you view, move and delete files. Moreover, users can also backup their files whenever they have time to clean up.
  • Share apps with your friend with one click.
  • Share photos with your friends with a smile.
  • It supports many languages.

What Is the Speed of Xender?

The Xender application uses live Wi-Fi technology, which allows two devices to communicate over Wi-Fi (peer-to-peer) while one device acts as a Wi-Fi provider.  In other words, devices exchange data via local Wi-Fi hotspots created by one of the devices. It does not need the same device to support direct Wi-Fi.  Just one is enough to connect another to this device like other Wi-Fi hotspots.

How to Use?

Xender is very easy to use and you need to follow the correct icons.  For example, you use two Android devices to exchange "several" applications with a capacity of approximately 50 MB.  Connecting two devices is easy and everything can be done quickly.  You need to select the device and select the device you want to send and then click the "Send" button. Other phones need to press the "Receive" button and wait for the connection to be confirmed. 

The conversion is fast, and it only takes a few seconds to complete the file exchange. When received, continue to click on the new icon to proceed immediately. Very simple, efficient, and fast!

Short Time Transfer

If you want an easy-to-use converter app, try the application". This application helps you to share all your files in a short time. You can easily use the application. The app also adds a powerful media player. In addition, the app also added GIFs, murals, and fun stickers.

User Friendly Interface

Xender offers a user-friendly interface. Anyone with half a brain can easily pick up the app and use it without any hassle.  At a time when everyone and their children use smartphones, a good interface is needed. We can’t have stupid applications on smartphones.

Free Download Xender APK

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Malicious files cannot be trusted. However, our site guarantees your safety when you choose to download an application from our website. So, enable these resources on your phone and you will have great access to great apps and games.

The Final Verdict

Xender is a great option if you need an application that supports fast file transfers. The app is essential if you need to transfer one or more files from one phone to another without WiFi. 

The application is useful when you need to transfer heavy files. It is easy to use, and the process is quick and complete in seconds (depending on the connection between the two devices)

The app saves you time and has a faster transfer rate than standard Bluetooth. The app is easier to share than AirDrop because there is no need to share NFC. You can support file transfer and cross-platform sharing. Therefore, you can quickly transfer files using popular operating systems such as Android, iOS and Windows or MAC.

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