WhatsApp GO APK Download for Android (Updated)

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App Name WhatsApp GO APK
Publisher GBPlus
Size 38 MB
Latest Version v0.22.2.b
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Required 4.4 +
MOD For Android
Genre Communication
Update 9 hours ago
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WhatsApp GO Apk is a modified version that gives users greater control over the communications they send and receive. Users may regulate factors such as double flagging, seeing deleted messages, hiding their online status, etc. MOD users can alter elements of transferring files and increase the size of films or the number of photographs sent in bulk, but these are not the only features available to them. There is also a DND (Do Not Disturb) setting that will halt all activities.

Keep reading the article to know more about WhatsApp GO Apk in more detail.

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What is WhatsApp GO APK?

WhatsApp GO is yet another customized version of the original WhatsApp that is distinguished by its features and well-liked by its users. This mod has all of the functionality that a user requires in his WhatsApp. Users may hide their online status, double ticks, examine deleted communications, and much more. Although it has the same realistic user interface as WhatsApp Pro APK, it has some intriguing features, such as the ability to see deleted messages.

What is WhatsApp GO MOD APK?

WhatsApp GO mod Apk adds more excellent privacy controls and file-sending features. These are the two primary features of this mod, which attempts to give users more control over the messages they send and receive. Users can manage features such as double selection, seeing deleted messages, downloading huge files, and hiding online statuses.

Why Download WhatsApp GO APK?

We must remember to customize the design, font, and other things many users refer to in conversations. Recognize secondary significance. Users of this MOD can alter the characteristics of transmitting files and increase the size of films or the number of photographs shared in bulk. Still, these are only some of the available features.

What are Best Features of WhatsApp GO APK?

Message Scheduler

You may schedule your messages or even set up an automated response. You may set up an automatic response by inputting any offline default message if you are not online and receive a text message.

Direct Connectivity

Instead of using the notification pane, you may enable or stop the internet connection straight from the App.

Video Limit

From the settings, you can easily set the video transmission limit to 700 MB.

Elegant Themes and Fonts

Most themes and fonts only function on some low-end Android smartphones. When you try to apply the theme to the WhatsApp interface, it closes it forcibly. But, with WhatsApp GO APK, you can now apply any theme from the list to the interface of your WhatsApp without having to force close it. You may also use any font in the WhatsApp GO 2023 APK.

Group Call

Regardless of limits or limitations, add as many contacts as possible to your conference calls.

Privacy Features

All of the privacy features in the old WhatsApp MOD are broken. These always happen by mistake. For example, enabling the conceal last seen features setting still displays our last seen, status, and active status. But, with the most recent update of WhatsApp GO MOD APK. All of the privacy features are now stable and fixed.

Status Deletion

Activate the Anti-Status Delete option. If you do this and any of your contacts delete their status before you notice it, they'll be there 24 hours a day.

Status Timings

Adjust the position time manually from 60 seconds to more than 3 minutes.

What’s New in WhatsApp GO APK?

  • New Base Updated
  • Bugs fixes and speed improvements
  • The ability to Send any emoji as reactions
  • Translation into 13 different languages

Final Verdict

Numerous more WhatsApp MODs are accessible on the Internet. However, they are now riddled with faults and glitches. As a result, countless new WhatsApp MODs are being created. The developer made further and finishable changes to the file to cure all prior issues and errors. As a result, several new WhatsApp MOD APKs have entered the WhatsApp MOD arena. WhatsApp GO 2023 APK is one of them, and it has no errors. It works perfectly on your phone.


Is WhatsApp GO Apk secure?

It is secure to use WhatsApp GO Apk, and no one may listen in on your conversations or calls.

Can I pay for WhatsApp GO Apk premium features?

Not at all. It's free to use.

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