Titanium Backup Pro Mod Apk Download for Android (SuperSU)

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App Name Titanium Backup Pro Mod Apk
Publisher GBPlus
Size 8 MB
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Required 1.5+
Update 8 hours ago
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Titanium Backup Pro Mod Apk is a powerful Android app that allows you to access all the apps running on your system and where they came from. Therefore, you can easily disable Titanium Backup Pro Mod Apk mode and enable all unnecessary applications. And if you want, you can also delete it.

Titanium Backup Pro Mod Apk

About Titanium Backup Pro Mod Apk

If you want to save the app and the data itself after uninstallation, there is also a backup option that will let you do the trick. And once you thought it was time to go back to that old app, all you had to do was upload the backup files. This is very useful if you know what to do with it. The more you know about this app, the more interested you will be.

Features Of Titanium Backup Pro Mod Apk

You can find all the exciting features of Titanium Backup Pro Mod Apk here:

Simple Operation And Intuitive Interfaces

For starters, easy-to-use interfaces are presented with all the available well-named options available. Accessing all the functions of the application is relatively easy from the main screen. In addition, simple controls make the app accessible.

That said, you can complete most tasks in one click without having to spend time on things. For example, the game offers many options in one click such as backing up your files, freezing, launching, deleting, and more. With one click you can send your backups to email or cloud drive.

Discover All The Great Backup Options

And yes, you can also see "backup" in its name. Of course, this app has so many exciting backup options you can’t imagine. That's the case, in the app you can make multiple backups for each application. Therefore, you can choose different backup steps. It's very useful if you want to go back to certain stages. If you wish, you can create a ZIP file that contains all the application data and the application file. With one click you load the app and data as new.

You can also perform a simple reset using 0 clicks on batch reset. It only takes a few seconds to load everything correctly. Now it is interesting to create your text messages, calls, contacts, wifi account password and all-important saved and encrypted data. The next time you want, you can easily save the data by uploading it from XML files.

Play online games

And if you are a fan of playing online games, you should know how compatible it is to play multiple accounts. You can collect all the epic achievements by doing party missions and giving them to your main characters, or by collecting and selling lots of prizes to protect the main prize. Knowing this, Titanium Backup Pro Mod Apk also offers multi-user support for some applications (especially games), so you can easily create multiple accounts and “cheat” in the game.

Make A Backup

Finally, even if you're using the app, you don't have to close the app when you make a backup as you can use the features without closing the app.

There Are Many Ways To Restore Your Individual Applications

And to make it easier to restore the app for Android users, Titanium Backup Pro Mod Apk has different options based on your preferences, which you can try based on your preferences. That said, you can restore applications and data with ADB backups if your device is not already rooted.

The Final Verdict

If your phone is already rooted, you can easily restore your applications and data using CWM or TWRP backups. At hyper shell speed, all processes are very fast.

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