The Google Pixel Tablet could be the Pixel Tablet Pro in all but name

Looking for a new tablet? Be sure to check out the Google Pixel Tablet. This device was originally announced as the Google Pixel Tablet, but it’s quickly becoming clear that Google may have been planning to release a new version of the tablet that is more powerful and better-looking than the original.

If you’re looking for a high-quality Android tablet with specs that will rival Apple’s iPad Pro, then you should definitely read further

What's the difference between the Google Pixel Tablet and Pixel Tablet Pro?

The two Google Pixel Tablet models are very similar in terms of specs, but there are a few key differences that set them apart. First and foremost, the Pixel Tablet Pro has a 10-inch display compared to the 8.3-inch display on the standard model. Additionally, the Pixel Tablet Pro has a higher-resolution screen (2560 x 1440 pixels) vs. the 1920 x 1200 resolution on the standard model. Another major difference is that the Pixel Tablet Pro comes with an Intel Core i5 processor vs. an Intel Core m3 processor on the standard model. So overall, if you're looking for a high-end tablet with some premium features, then the Pixel Tablet Pro would be your best option.

Why is the Google Pixel Tablet Pro name change a good thing?

The first reason is that it helps clarify the product line-up. As of now, there are two tablet devices in the Google Pixel family: the original Google Pixel tablet and the new Google Pixel Slate. The rebranding makes it clear which device is meant to be considered the Pixel Tablet Pro.

Secondly, this change helps streamline marketing efforts. Previously, both tablets were being marketed as products from Google, regardless of their actual Welch brands (the original Pixel was manufactured by HTC and the Pixel Slate was manufactured by Android co-creator Andy Rubin's Essential). With one device now bearing the prestigious "Pixel" name, marketing efforts can be more focused on promoting its unique features and capabilities rather than trying to promote two separate devices under different brands. It's also worth noting that this change does not mean that the existing Google Pixel tablets are discontinued - they will continue to be sold alongside the new Pixel Slate.

Finally, this change makes it easier for buyers to differentiate between different versions of the same product. For example, someone who is interested in buying a Google Pixel Slate but isn't sure if they want an 8GB or 12GB version may be better off choosing based on their needs rather than trying to guess which version of the tablet has been branded with "Pixel."

Benchmarks: Which Google Pixel Tablet is best for you?

There are a lot of tablet options on the market, and which one is right for you depends on your needs. So which Google Pixel Tablet should you buy?

To figure this out, we compared the Google Pixel Tablet against other leading tablets on the market. We looked at specs like display resolution, memory size, battery life, ports, and Operating System (Android or iOS).

After testing all of these devices, we found that the Google Pixel Tablet is best for people who want a high-quality display with great battery life. It also has some of the most advanced features and ports available. If you are primarily using your tablet for entertainment purposes or need a more powerful device for work, then the Apple iPad may be a better option for you.


We love the Google Pixel Tablet for its sleek design and powerful performance, but according to some reports, the upcoming Pixel Tablet Pro could have even better specs. So what does this mean for potential buyers? If you're in the market for a tablet that will do just about everything then you may want to consider making the jump to the Pixel Tablet Pro. Keep an eye out for our full review coming soon!

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