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App Name TERA ORIGIN Mod Apk
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Latest Version 1.4.2
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Required 4.4+
Update 9 hours ago
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TERA ORIGIN Mod Apk from Netmarble will take you to a fantasy world full of magical creatures and heroes. You can play in a variety of game modes including co-op and PVP which can be between 50 and 50 games with players from around the world. In TERA ORIGIN Mod Apk, there are more than 150 heroes to fight, each hero has skills and abilities. All characters can be upgraded to make them stronger.


In TERA ORIGIN Mod Apk, there are 3 classes of heroes, tanks, healers, and attackers. Each of them has a purpose and will be useful in battle. The graphics in TERA ORIGIN Mod Apk are great and similar to the MMORPG games you can find on mobile. Netmarble games are always well made and designed with great balance. We will add in every possible way, the game is not officially available worldwide so let’s wait and I still don’t think the game is in English.

The Resurrection of TERA ORIGIN Mod Apk

Tera Online is the name of many games that are often mentioned about this game. This is one of the most popular RPGs on the market. Previously, this product worked on the computer with many fans who spent valuable time in their hobby. Until now, when everything could be manipulated right on the phone, the game maker also made changes. The popular movement of this era is to make great computer products in mobile games. "Tera Classic" is a version you can play on your phone. It is "better and more complete" to the publisher's standard, of course, it will not disappoint the fans.

This does not mean that all old features have been removed, but rather upgrades. MMORPG quintets like a fraternity, open world, aimless combat, party invasion modes ... Everything appears in a clear way for players to live smoothly on a smartphone. This means that while playing the game, you will not feel the obstacles of using your phone. This means it has surpassed the previous version.

A Large And Living Open Space That Reflects Changes In The Environment

Another feature you should be interested in "Tera Classic" is the graph. First, it uses the latest engine to create an environment with the full 3D format and full HD full image quality. With low-end phones, you can lower the minimum setting so that you can still enjoy it. But you use the icon; Just set it to maximum settings. What you get is the visual computing experience that is reproduced in the palm of your hand.

The graphics of his staff are inspired by the old version of the game but have been restored to a new look. Their skills are sharper and clearer. All you have to do is touch the screen and they will release the flow immediately, and the excess effects will not spread too much. If you really have an extra gamepad, the experience is much quieter.

With Super World Boss Raid Party Play

As you know, Tera PC is part of a game about the fierce battle between the Dark Devan Empire and the Resistance Army. They are forces that cannot have peace and talk to each other. These people have only one answer to fight until the enemy falls. The difficulties between these two forces resulted in enormous amounts of endless fighting.

The Final Verdict

Many players wondered why there was so much fighting. "Tera Classic" will definitely give a reasonable answer, because the deadline is set 20 years before the main event of Tera PC. This may explain part of the reason for creating and developing such a heated dispute.

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