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App Name Pink WhatsApp APK
Publisher GBPlus
Size 63.9 MB
Latest Version v38
Get it On Google Play
Required 4.4 +
MOD For android
Genre Communication
Developer WhatsApp
Update few seconds ago
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Regarding the official version of WhatsApp, users continue to face various limitations. Faces have photo selection, video length, and document size limitations.

As you may know, Pink WhatsApp is a new WhatsApp mod explicitly designed for cute girls who like the color pink. Despite the numerous modified versions of WhatsApp and its widespread popularity, only a few are attractive to females.

Pink WhatsApp

What females desire the most is a feminine version of the original WhatsApp with pink themes, and we present you with WhatsApp Pink, one of the most popular variants.

GB WhatsApp Download

What is Pink WhatsApp?

Pink WhatsApp is a texting service explicitly geared toward women. With bright pink graphics and writing, it has a feminine flair, and the app is believed to be easier to use than other messaging applications for women. The software was built by two women, which is quite appealing to female users. The original version of the Pink WhatsApp App is equally excellent, although it has some limitations and features. However, if you wish to use WhatsApp without restrictions, download the most recent version from our website. In this WhatsApp, you can download your contacts' statuses, and the texts entered below. The software allows you to hide a blue tick so that senders do not know whether you have read their messages.

You, like most individuals, presumably use WhatsApp to communicate with friends and family. However, if you like pink WhatsApp, there's a big chance you need to learn how to download it. Here are some suggestions for getting your favorite messaging app on your phone!

How does Pink WhatsApp work?

Pink WhatsApp is a messaging application intended to be entertaining and humorous. It allows users to send and receive messages in pink, a color that is frequently linked with happiness and pleasant events. This application also has emoji features to help users communicate more effectively.

Features of Pink Whatsapp

Pink WhatsApp is a one-of-a-kind and simple-to-use WhatsApp software for anyone searching for extra perks. It is nearly impossible to convey the app's convenience and features here. However, we are currently attempting to write all of the app's functionality.

Message Scheduler

You may arrange for your customized message to be delivered to the contact of your choice at a particular time. You will be punctual if you send planned texts.

Hide Forwarded

When you forward a message, it has the text "Forwarded Message" above it. It might be a photo, a video, or a message. This feature conceals it. You can hide blue ticks and a second tick from your phone when you download WhatsApp Pink in its current version.

Customize Appearance

You may customize the appearance of WhatsApp by changing the color scheme of the top and bottom bars.

Allow Specific Contacts

You may choose which contacts you want to call you while barring all other numbers from calling you.

Protect Pink WhatsApp By Lock

You may secure the WhatsApp app by adding security such as a fingerprint, pattern, or PIN.

Floating Settings Button

The floating settings button lets you access WhatsApp settings from the main screen.

Switch off the Internet

You may turn off the internet for WhatsApp with a single tap. This gives you downtime and prevents anyone from calling you.

Send Multiple Items

You may send up to thirty media files, including photographs and videos, to any of your contacts at once.

Disappearing Media

The ability to watch disappearing photographs and movies indefinitely.

Download Disappearing Data

Aside from the ability to repeatedly watch fading material, You can save those vanished media files to your smartphone.

Other Features

  • Hide your last seen and online status.
  • "Forward Message" should be hidden.
  • It prevents deleting messages and updating status.
  • Blue ticks, second tick, "typing," and "recording" should all be hidden.
  • Choose who you want to call you.

How to Download the Pink WhatsApp APK?

Pink WhatsApp APK Installation Steps:

To download Flixoid, please complete the following steps:

  • To begin, open a browser and search for Pink WhatsApp.
  • Now navigate to the download page and click the download option.
  • Your device will have the APK file in File Manager.
  • Select Security Settings from the Android Settings menu.
  • The option "Install programs from unknown sources" should be activated.
  • Then wait for some time so that the installation is finished.
  • After the installation is complete, launch the app and begin using it and enjoy.


What exactly is Pink WhatsApp?

Pink WhatsApp is a third-party developer's customized version of the original WhatsApp. This third-party software is intended to give WhatsApp users certain exclusive features.

How do I get the Pink WhatsApp apk updated?

Keep checking the website for the updated version. If you are interacting with an older version of this mod, please download the most recent Pink WhatsApp APK.

Is the Pink WhatsApp app accessible for download from the Google Play store?

No, because it is the modded version, this application is not accessible on the Google Play store; however, you may find it on our website.

Is the Pink WhatsApp app free to use?

Pink WhatsApp is completely free to download and install.

Is it safe to use Pink WhatsApp?

Yes, this version of WhatsApp is used by millions of people.


As far as the conclusion is concerned, we suggest Pink Whatsapp because of its eye-catching interface. Although this application has practically all of the functionality included in any modded version of WhatsApp, what makes it worthwhile to download is its stunning interface.

This app provides complete privacy, so you don't have to be concerned about protecting your personal information or data. Pink WhatsApp is simple to use and allows everyone to communicate with their loved ones.

If you want a WhatsApp messaging software that removes these limits while adding new capabilities, you should test WhatsApp Pink at least once. It offers several fantastic user features. You will also receive some new functions that you may utilize for free.

People who have previously tried Pink WhatsApp enjoy the application's distinctive user interface.

4.7 / 5 ( 68 votes )

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