Pico Tanks Multiplayer Mayhem Mod Apk 52.2.1 (Unlimited Money) Download + OBB

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App Name Pico Tanks Multiplayer Mayhem Mod Apk
Publisher GBPlus
Size 65 MB + 340 MB
Latest Version 52.2.1
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Required 5.0+
Update 9 hours ago
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Pico Tanks Multiplayer Mayhem Mod Apk is an Android game created by Panda Arcade for you to enjoy and install on your Android devices. Multiplayer Battle is a fun and engaging game from Australian studio Panda Arcade, released in action style and available to Android users via Google Play.

Pico Tanks Multiplayer Mayhem Mod Apk

GBPlus is proud to present this game as the first of its kind on your favorite sites in Iran. This game is one of the most competitive and highly addictive game


Enter the fantasy world of Pico Tanks Multiplayer Mayhem Mod Apk and battle hundreds and thousands of other players from around the world. You need to drive your tank and compete with others. The game is the title of fast-paced action with a general 3v3 matching process or three sets. This game very similar in design and gameplay to PvPets: Tank Battle Royale, you stand on the map with other players and you have to help your teammates one by one with your teammates. Weinimme.

About Pico Tanks Multiplayer Mayhem Mod Apk

Each game has a specific time and the team that starts the most kills wins. So it can be said that Pico Tanks Multiplayer Mayhem Mod Apk relies on team campaign strategies and tactics. When team members are in tune, they can easily beat rivals.

So if you want to win and do not want to be far away, we recommend staying with your teammates. Unfortunately, these leagues can be played with friends, or if you want to play with other online players who are almost on the same map. Pico Tanks Multiplayer Mayhem Mod Apk is a lively and lively 3v3 tank battle with a strong focus on team strategy.

Design your own unique tank with thousands of gameplay combinations. Collaborate with your friends and take part in amazing 3v3 battles with different maps and game modes! Talk to your team and defeat enemies to achieve victory in a team-based real-time PVP battlefield.


Fight with friends in quick action or meet other players of a similar skill level. Rotate through the many sequences of real-time sequences available in 3v3 live battle:

Touch the flag: your team should catch the flag and touch it as much as possible.

Take charge: A powerful tank on your team must take the lead before your opponents do and drag it to your base while the other teams are defending.

Attack enemies, heal allies, hide in the bushes, gather some sheep! More game modes will be added in future updates.

Design tanks that match your team's style and tactics: You can exchange in-battle changes for your own benefit. Be crazy and design your tanks creatively with lots of customization!

Weapon pleasure: Choose a weapon that suits your style of play. Seems like a long-distance? Perhaps the Sniper Rifle is perfect for you. Would you rather meet near the short-range? Try Spud Launcher (throw away the freshest potatoes).

Light as Load: Choose a base with stats tailored to your weapon. The more armor you have, the more options you can wear or splash lightly on the battlefield.

Power generation: the possibilities are where they are. Spread an airstrike to kill the enemy or throw a repair kit at your friends. They can really decide a game!

Customize your look: your tank has only the best value for your skin and top.

Personalize your tank with specific characters and expressions. Fight on the battlefield with the Pizza cover and the Rubber Ducky antenna finder, we will not judge. Crazy, show up, looks great!

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