PhotoDirector Photo Editor App Apk 15.0.0 + Mod (Full Unlocked) Android

PhotoDirector Photo Editor App Apk: Who does not want to take pictures? In today’s world, everyone around us posts different pictures of different things on social media accounts. Posting unique photos requires some editing and now we are going to talk about an app that will make your photos great...

PhotoDirector Photo Editor App Apk

This wonderful app called PhotoDirector Photo Editor App was developed by Cyberlink and it has great features. The app allows users to edit photos, add different filters, frames, stickers, and give their photos an aesthetic look.

PhotoDirector Photo Editor App Apk

The best part is that users can offer it all for free, without any app charges while the apk version is locked. In addition, the application has a very small file size, which means it does not damage the device and does not consume a lot of battery. If you are looking for a great photo editing app, let me know which photo director is the best choice. Don't go down!

Download it and start editing.

PhotoDirector Photo Editor App Apk Download

PhotoDirector Photo Editor App Apk

NamePhotoDirector Photo Editor App Apk
Update1 day ago
Size150 MB
App byCyberlink Corp


Application details are listed below.

Pros and Cons:


  • After you download the app, you do not have to worry about everything and you interrupted your ads because there was no marketing.
  • The big advantage is the apps that make your photos professional touch.
  • You can download your favorite images using this app and add different filters.
  • The great advantage of the app is that there are no costs involved.
  • Users do not have to worry about spending to use all the features.
  • They provide you with various features that you can use to reduce the cost of ad unlocking with this apk version.
  • The app has many languages which is a great advantage for people who do not know English. Now people all over the world can use this app andlots of fun.
  • This application is downloaded by millions of users, downloaded by up to 60 million.


  • App crashes if you use it continuously for hours.



Users can now enhance the view of their image and add quality artwork to the great app.


In addition, users can now edit images by balancing saturation, brightness, and more with this great app.

Unwanted things:

Is there anything that you think is ruining your perfect image? So, do not worry! Now you can remove the things you want from photos with this amazing app. It could be a photobomb or something you don't like!


This app also has a great photo mixer feature. You can combine two images. Great!


Moreover, now you can flatten a certain part of your image with this great app to give your image an aesthetic look.

Frames, Effects and Stickers:

Users get 1,000 photos as effects and stickers to add to their photos. There is also an option that allows users to create their own stickersGreat!

Seasonal sticker:

In addition, seasonal stickers are available for Christmas, New Year, and more.

New/Mod features:

  • The graphics for this app are now optimized.
  • All professional features are locked for free, including various effects, files, stickers and more.
  • In addition, users can now save images in HD HD 4K camera resolution. Amazing!
  • All game customization tools have been updated.
  • This APK version does not contain any ads. Isn't that good?
  • The app has standard innovative versions, so users do not have to wait for new features.
  • All technical errors for the application have been resolved.
  • Major and minor bug issues have been fixed.

How to install?

If you find the game featuring interesting, you should download it to your device. Because this is the apk version, it can be downloaded from the internet, not from the google play store.

  • If you want to configure something you download from the Internet, make sure unauthorized resources are enabled.
  • After doing so, click on the Internet link to download this game.
  • After downloading, reinstall the game by clicking on it in your file manager.
  • Now the app is installed on your device and you can use it.


Now the app is installed on your device and you can use it.

File size cannot be a disadvantage because the size is not large. It has a file size of 84 MB is relatively small.

Which image does this app support?

This application only supports JPEG and PNG images.

Are there app purchases in this version?

No.All app purchases in this version have been paid and locked.

Does this app require me to root my device?

Nothing to do with. You do not need to root your device while downloading this application.

What is this application to download?

This app requires Android 4.1 or higher.

Does this app provide professional results?

Definitely yes. All the functions of the app give you professional results. Did you get it use the app and add a blank image to all photos.

Has this app rooted someone's device?

Nothing to do with. You do not need to root your device while downloading this application.

Is this application difficult?

Nothing to do with. This application is quite simple and easy to use.

Final Verdict

It seems millions of downloads are loved by anyone who uses PhotoDirector Photo Editor App APK. It has great features for remote users who can take beautiful pictures. Also, the best part is that it is free with no app purchases and no ads. If you are looking for a great photo editor then this app is the best choice. Download ASAP and start editing. That's good!

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