OGInsta APK Download V10.14.0 Latest (Updated) Official 2023

OGInsta APK Download is the most popular application developed up to now, which is used for sharing photos and videos. It is the most used photo and video-sharing platform, and it is present in the hand of every smartphone user. OGInsta APK Download is a user-friendly application that has more than a million users. It is even popular among fashion artists, models, actors, singers, and athletes. It is hence, the most popular application for uploading photos and sharing videos up till now.

OGInsta APK Download

What’s OGInsta APK?

OG Instagram is an application that is developed by a third-party user as Instagram lacks a few user-friendly features. OG Instagram is not developed by the official application of Instagram but it is developed by third parties and contains more enhanced features than the official Instagram application. It is more user-friendly than Instagram. It has almost the same features But a few of the features make it more favorable as compared to the official Instagram application.

OGInsta APK Download for Android

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OGInsta APK Information:

The name for the application of OGInsta is OGinsta APK and it is an application that is present on the web and cannot be downloaded from the Google Play Store. the size of the OGinsta application is 25 MB it is last updated one day ago. The version of OGinsta APK is developed by the OG install team.

Version 10.14.0
Size 25 MB
Modded By OG Insta Team

List Of Exciting Features Of OGInsta APK:

  • You can zoom in and out of the photos and videos.
  • You can download the videos on your Android device.
  • You can download the images on your Android device.
  • You can download the stories on your android device
  • You can copy the URL from the story or video and can send it to others via WhatsApp, email or other social media application.
  • You can play the video from the volume up button.
  • You can use Instagram applications simultaneously on the same account and the same Android device.

Download Photos, Videos to your Android device in OGInsta APK

There are thousand of exciting features of the Instagram application like you can upload as much as you want, but you cannot download photos and videos to your Android application by using the official Instagram application. It is a drawback for the official Instagram application and has offended many users because other social applications like Facebook and WhatsApp have now started letting users download stories, pictures, and videos. OG Insta, which is developed by third-party users, allows you to download pictures and videos in a blink of a click. All you have to do to download the pictures and videos are,
click on the three-dot icon on the top right of the picture. And it will give you numerous options, one of which is downloading options.

If you click on the downloading option for the video or picture, it will start downloading. It will be downloaded in the gallery of your smartphone under the name of OGinsta videos and OGinsta pictures. It is one of the fabulous Features of OG Instagram APK, which is not present in the official Instagram application.

Download Images and Videos Posted On Story Feed With The Help Of OG Instagram

OG Instagram helps you to download images and videos posted on the story feed. This feature is not available on the official Instagram application but is present on OGInsta gram. To download the images and videos on the story feed click on the options button in the story feed, and it will give you the option to download the story.

The picture and video downloaded will be of the best available quality. This feature was not earlier present in the official Instagram application and users have to take screenshots or screen recorders to take those pictures which were sometimes offensive as the person who uploaded the story will know that you have made the screenshot. But now you can enjoy downloading the stories. Of Instagram without the fuss of taking a screenshot by using OG Instagram.

Use 2 Instagram accounts simultaneously on the same app

Many users nowadays have two Instagram accounts, and they pretty much use both of the accounts. And there is a lot of fuss between shifting accounts from one to another. OG Instagram has resolved this problem of the users who have two Instagram accounts as it allows you to use two Instagram accounts simultaneously on the same application. For using two accounts simultaneously on the official Instagram application, You have to log out from one account and then log in to others.

For using two accounts, go on your profile and click the profile tab and scroll down the screen to the end and click on the ‘add account’ option. Write down your name and password over the add account option and save it.

Zoom in Profile Pictures and Photos

OG Instagram gives you a fantastic opportunity to zoom in on your profile pictures and photos. If you have used the official Instagram application, you might have noticed that it does not allow you to zoom in on the profile pictures and photos. It is hence not a user-friendly feature of the official Instagram application as we want to zoom in on the pictures and see more detailed pictures. This problem is resolved by OG Instagram, which is developed by a third party as they know how to keep the users happy.

For zooming in, on the photos and videos, click on the photo and keep pressing it for 2 seconds and you will be able to zoom in on the pictures. You can even zoom in on the videos in the OGinsta application. This is a fantastic feature of OG Instagram which is not present in the official Instagram application.

Start Videos with the Volume Turned ON Automatically

OG Instagram allows you to start videos with the volume turned on automatically. This feature is not present as an official Instagram application. In the OG Instagram application, you can see the videos with music without having to turn on the sound button. It will automatically sense The volume button turns on and will play the music on the videos.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) about OGInsta APK

What is OGInsta APK and how it differs from its official counterpart?

As we have stated earlier, the third party develops OG Instagram. It is not an official Instagram application but developed by some third party and is referred to as a modded version of Instagram. As Instagram lacks some basic features, it is a more enhanced version of Instagram and has features that have attracted many users up till now, and the number of users is increasing in number every single day. OG Instagram has surpassed the official Instagram application as it has many user-friendly features.

Is OGInsta APK safe? Will it cause any harm to my account and its data?

You can have peace of mind while using OG Instagram as it is safe and will not cause any harm or danger to your account. Your data and all your information on your Android device are safe and sound, and there is no chance of leaking your information or spoiling your data. You can even use two accounts simultaneously without first logging into one account and logging out others. So you can use the OG Instagram application With rest and without giving a second thought of any threat to your data or your Instagram account.

From where I can download the latest version of OGInsta APK?

As stated earlier that OG Instagram is not an application of official Instagram, but it is a modded version and is developed by a third party. It is not available on Google Play Store, and you can easily find it on the web. You can find the downloading version for Instagram on our site, and you can easily download this version on your mobile phone by clicking on the downloading option given here.

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The Final Verdict

Instagram is one of the most famous applications for sharing photos and videos and uploading photos and videos in the story feed. It is the best platform for sharing photos and videos with your friends and family. OG Instagram is a modded version for “Instagram” and is developed by the third party and has surpassed the official Instagram application in many features. This application is free, and you do not have to pay lots of money for enjoying the fantastic features which are not available on the official Instagram application. Download the OGInsta version of Instagram in your mobile phones and enjoy the great features of OG Instagram.

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