Musixmatch Premium APK 7.9.5 Download Latest Version (2023)

Want to know the true rhythm of European music? If so, Musixmatch Premium APK is the best Android app we can offer for free. No form on the internet has all the unique features for free. Read this article for more information..

Musixmatch Premium APK

What is Musixmatch Premium APK?

The Musixmatch Premium APK is a great way to promote the ability to give users a voice. This is the official version of the original Musixmatch program and all formats are closed.

The program is the biggest song in the world, with millions of people composing the right music and exchanging their music.

Version Info

Name Musixmatch Premium APK
Version 7.9.5
Size 38 MB
Supports ARM, ARM64, & x86
Last updated 1 day ago

Download Musixmatch Premium APK Latest Version for Android

The Musixmatch app is available for Android devices in the local shop. However, to obtain cash flow, subscriptions must be renewed with a new interest rate, which is a deficit.

Fortunately, you can get a free Musixmatch Premium APK version on third-party platforms like ours, and for free on your travels, renew you're fine music skills.



Identify any unknown song

You often find yourself wanting to drink at a restaurant or hotel, and you hear unheard music. It touched my heart, I turned, I was angry.

However, the Musixmatch Premium defines performance and business numbers, which solve the problem. All you have to do is open the app and click the Find page, where the logo is played while the music is running in the background. In the seconds when the music is clear, you can sing the words without being embarrassed.

Translate the lyrics

With Musixmatch Premium, you can translate the letter and read the language you want to know and create the language.

Offline lyrics

You may have sung in the rain or how your karaoke career in front of a mirror, well, I've been around for a while, but sometimes I remember all the wrong music. When trying to integrate music, I usually don't connect with it, it doesn't have internet, so I'll have to read more and say what they have.

With Musixmatch Premium, you can listen to any song and access the lyrics without an internet connection. Not only is this great for the user, but it also saves the amount of data used to download music when playing music.

Floating lyrics

The Director's function is a window that displays the track of the song in the background where your music is playing. This will make it easier for users to do many things without the need to switch between the music player and the Musixmatch Premium app. They can connect to other apps, such as WhatsApp, and even listen to music when it comes to the right music.

A window will appear on the screen when you start a song, and you can perform all the essential functions of Musixmatch Premium, translate selected words, and distribute unknown songs.

Add lyrics

Other songs may not be popular on their own, making it difficult to find their own Musixmatch songs. However, if you have a good saying that you can't use the app, you can still subscribe to the Musixmatch list and add it to other users who listen to the same song.

Discover an amazing community

Check out the Musixmatch Premium team participating in one of the most popular streaming services. It has a platform of 6 million users and 40 million profiles.

Here you will be able to find it, find answers and suggestions for all your problems, sort, analyze, interpret, sign, add bad letters, and report. The community employs millions of users and has the opportunity to share their favorite music to grow.

Song info and cover art

With Musixmatch Premium APK, you are able to find out more about the entire music genre, including the artists involved. No one likes a song on their cover song or pictures to be heard. You can access all your music links using this software and fill your library.

Custom lock screen

You can play, follow, and close the screen without letting it open. By clicking on the open window on your preferences, you can see the characters attached to that window and play the case without opening the phone.

Choose your music source

Users can select the music source using the Musixmatch Premium app. They can play all their music and the Spotify platform. Musixmatch converts a word into a song from a selected source.

Party mode

The interactive feature allows users to play music in exchange for music and enjoy whatever they want to do. This section also contains unnecessary pages and custom fonts.


With the advanced version of Musixmatch, there are no ads that interfere with the user's experience. Listen to your music and find words that don't really listen to the actual ads.

Boost speed

You don't have to slow down to get all the characters. With Musixmatch, you can customize your interface and improve speed, making your experience faster.


Get push notifications through preferences that give you great news and tips.

How to Install Musixmatch Premium APK on Android?

Step 1

Download the app from our site.

Step 2

Open the file manager and open the app to install.

Step 3

Allow download from unknown source options and click on the install option to install it.

Step 4

Open the app, and you are good to go.

Final words

The Pro version provides a very informative and engaging sound. However, the market was divided. Take today's music for the best experience you can hear.

It is compatible with offline players, including social networks such as Spotify, Deezer, and others. Find the number and find the words stored.

Download today and start enjoying the amazing features it has inside it.

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