GFX Tool for PUBG Mobile 10.2.2 Game Launcher & Optimizer

GFX Tool for PUBG Mobile: If you answer what are the most popular mobile games currently available in the Google Play Store, the choice is none other than the popular PUBG Mobile. Although the PC version of the game has cooled down a bit, after the superstorm of 2018, PUBG Mobile is still one of the most popular mobile games for Android users to enjoy on their mobile devices, by the way - Hundreds of thousands of active players every day.

GFX Tool for PUBG Mobile

That said, the title of mobile gaming is very demanding, requiring a lot of power from your hardware. Also, the unstable game experience can make it difficult for players to enjoy their FPS and Battle Royale with other friends. Therefore, you need to find a way to reduce the need for images on blank phones to enjoy the whole game.

Learn more about the essential mobile app for PUBG Mobile players.

Name GFX Tool for PUBG Mobile
Version 10.2.2
Size 4.1 MB
Update 1 day ago
Required 4.4 +


What Does It Do?

The game comes with Android gamers with their own graphics customizations, although their behavior is smooth and enjoyable, due to the unoptimized graphics, many users will see their games as repeated in some situations even on their hardware. It's the full capacity to run.

Great Features Of GFX Tool for PUBG Mobile

Here are all the great features the app offers:

Quickly Choose the Best Setting For Your Devices

For starters, for anyone looking for a quick experience with your PUBG game, you can have fun with all the settings set in the GFX Tool for PUBG Mobile. Here, players can choose from over 1000 settings on their Android devices. With hundreds of models available, it’s not hard to choose the right settings for your devices. This way, you will enjoy smooth and enjoyable gameplay with fewer graphics in just a few strokes.

Choose Different Game Variants Oon Your Devices

On the other hand, for those of you who have unofficial versions of PUBG Mobile installed on your mobile devices, the GFX Tool for PUBG Mobile also offers different settings for some installations. Here you can select the version of the variant you are using and keep it absolutely optimal for each of these systems. Therefore, you support the other features of the application properly.

Make Some Adjustments to The Basic Settings

For those of you interested in manual settings, the app offers many customization options for new users to try out Basic Settings. Here you can change the resolution of your image and graphics quality. Choose the best options according to your hardware capabilities to enjoy a smooth and enjoyable experience with innovative experiences.

For more graphics settings, you can make changes to Shadow settings and MSAA settings to fully customize your game experiences.

Use Advanced Settings To Improve Your Experience

Immersing yourself in the deepest possibilities of the GFX Tool for PUBG Mobile will allow Android gamers to make complete system changes and improve their behavior.

Start using Memory Boost to prioritize your PUBG Mobile game so you can get the most out of your system. Also, make sure you enjoy your competitive battle royale game in Zero Lag mode so you can always enjoy smooth gameplay with consistent FPS.

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