GB Instagram APK Download v5.3 Latest Version 2023

Latest GB Instagram APK Download: It is the era of international Technology. We cannot live without the internet and so without social media applications. Instagram is one of the most famous applications which was launched back in 2010. It has more than 1 billion users, and its users are increasing in quantity with every passing day.

We cannot live without social media applications in the current scenario, as we are so much dependent on the internet and social media applications. Our life revolves around these applications, and the image of living without these applications is so gloomy. The first most popular social media application is Facebook, and after it, Instagram is the most famous and popular application for uploading photos and videos. It is the best medium to expand your portfolio if you want to. Many modded versions are developed by third-party users who are having more enhanced features than the original applications. WhatsApp has introduced the modded versions like GBWhatsApp, Whats App plus, OGInstagram.

Similarly, Instagram has also introduced its modded versions. GB Instagram is a modded version of Instagram with multiple features that have better quality than the original application itself. While using the GB Instagram, you can dive into the world of numerous videos, photos, live streaming, and story feed.

What’s GB Instagram

GB Instagram is the modded version of Instagram and has better features than the original Instagram application itself. The features are so tremendous that the users have started deleting the original Instagram application and have installed the GB version of Instagram on their mobile phones. You can also install the GB Instagram on your mobile phones to know its vast features, Which have surpassed the Instagram application. There are multiple ways to celebrate your events with your friends, and one of them is to share your photos and videos, uploading story fields, and sharing live streaming over the internet with your friends. Instagram provides you with one of the media for chatting and sharing your celebrations with other people on your list.

The application name is GB Instagram and it has a version. There are more than 1 million downloads of GB Instagram up till now and its members are increasing every second. The compatibility with Android is 4.3 and the size of the application is 38 MB which is so a memory favorable application GB Instagram was updated last one day ago. If you want to enjoy its features download this app on your mobile phone right now. And enjoy live streaming and photo uploading.

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GB Instagram APK Information

GB Instagram APK Download

APP Name GBInstagram
Compatible with Android Version 4.3+
Version v5.3
Total Downloads 1,000,000,000+
APP Size 38 MB
Main Purpose Unlocked
Provided By
Last Updated 1 day ago


  • You can zoom in the pictures and videos of your friends.
  • You can download the pictures, videos, live streaming and story feed of your friends.
  • You can customize the themes of your own choice, and you can shift between the themes as many times as you want.
  • There is an in build and translator, and you can translate the text into any language for your foreign friends.
  • There is hide yourself option which enables you to protect while still being able to see your friend’s story.
  • You can hide your online status.
  • You are able to turn off the dragging option to the right and left
  • you can mark a star on any message you want.
  • Zoom the profile pictures of your friends
  • You can copy the given text, comment or bio of your friend, copy it and paste it to WhatsApp or Facebook
  • No reboot needed for GB Instagram
  • it has anti-ban functions, and you can use it without being banned from the official site of Instagram
  • you can use two Instagram accounts simultaneously on one Instagram application.
  • The application with these all fabulous features is without any additional cost, which means you don’t have to pay any cost to enjoy these features.

Most Useful Features of GB Instagram

Download Images and Videos:

It is one of the most fantastic features of GB Instagram as you cannot download the images and videos by using the typical Instagram application. It gives you such a gloomy image to not download the pictures, videos, live streaming, and story, in such an advanced state of Technology. This problem has resolved by GB Instagram, which allows you to download the story feed, live streaming, photographs, and videos of your friends and family.

To download the photos without your friends knowing that, you can click on the icon, which is given on the top right corner of the picture. It will give you numerous options. One of the options will be to download the image or video. If you click on that downloading option, you will be able to get that image or video on your mobile phone. To check that, open your gallery and then open the file named ‘photos of GB Instagram’ and you will be able to see the picture you downloaded. Isn’t it Amazing? that you can download the images without the fuss of taking screenshots.Download GB Instagram APK from our site.

Dual Instagram:

GB Instagram gives you an amazing opportunity to use Dual Instagram. Many of us have dual Instagram accounts, one is for friends and family, or we have the other account, which is a business account. We can use both of the Instagram accounts in one Instagram application by using GB Instagram. if you have an official Instagram application on your mobile phone, you will be aware of that. You cannot use two accounts simultaneously and one Instagram application, but this is no more a problem as GB Instagram resolves this problem and allows you to use two Instagram accounts in one Instagram application.


There is an option for customization in the GB Instagram application. According to this, you can adjust the themes of your own choice. We are living in a life full of colors and if we are made to use one single theme all the time we get bored. You can use two or more themes in your mobile phones by using the customization option in the GB Instagram, and you can switch between any theme in a blink of a second by using this customization option.

Hide Your Online Presence:

We are living busy that sometimes we are not able to reply to our friends despite being online or sometimes we are not in a mood to chat but to scroll only. You can hide your online presence and not chat by using this feature of hiding your online presence on GB Instagram. According to it, you will not be shown online to your friends, and they won’t text you or wait for your reply to the message as your online status is not being shown to your friend. You can avoid fights by not replying on time with your friends. This option is so amazing and attractive in our current busy lifestyle. Isn’t it?

Copy Anyone’s bio and Post Caption:

You can copy your friends' caption and bio or any other text over Instagram by using the copy option. An Instagram application does not provide you with this opportunity, and you cannot copy any comment over there and pass it to an external source like Facebook, message or WhatsApp. Still, if you install GB Instagram on your mobile phones, you can copy anyone’s bio and post caption. Every time we Like anyone’s caption, we like to want to copy it, but this copy option is not available. We have to type it again and again, but if you have GB Instagram, you can simply copy the caption and give that caption under your picture.

Some more features of GB Instagram

Did you think that the features of GB Instagram are finished? Well, you are wrong as it has numerous features that we cannot even number. There are some more features of Instagram like you can zoom in on the pictures, there is an inbuilt Translator for your foreign friends, and you can translate the text in any language your friend understands. You can use it without getting banned by Developers of official Instagram.

Mark any message with a star:

By using GB Instagram, you can mark any message with the star. This is one of the advanced features which is present on Instagram and not present in the official Instagram application. You can even mark the images and videos, and GIF messages with stars and It serves you as the indicator of some important message. This feature is not present on Instagram, but Instagram provides you with this amazing opportunity to mark the message with a star.

Built-in auto translator:

There is a build-in translator inside the GB Instagram. this build translator helps you to translate any text into any language. if you have a friend living in a foreigner who does not understand your local language. This feature is definitely for you. Without the build-in translator, it was complicated to translate the text into language, and you have to install other translating applications on your mobile phone to translate it for your friends.

But GB Instagram has made life easier by providing you with this translator and saved you from downloading multiple translating applications along with the Instagram application. To use this translator option you have to turn on the translator In your mobile phone, long-press the text you want to translate, the option for translating the text will pop up, and click on that option, and you can translate the text in any language of your choice.

Zoom in for profile pictures and Images:

We sometimes want to see detailed pictures of our friends and families like what are they wearing and minor accessories like jewels and bangles cannot be visualized without zooming in the pictures. The option for zooming in for profile pictures and images is not provided by the Instagram application, but you can zoom in and the pictures by using GB Instagram which allows you to zoom in on the uploaded pictures as well as Zoom In the profile pictures of your friends and business circle.

To zoom the profile pictures, click on the picture for 2 seconds and keep pressing and the picture will zoom in for you. For zooming out the picture simply drop the picture, and it will return to its original size.

Anti-ban APK and No Root Needed:

GB, Instagram is safe from the ban from the official site of Instagram. The applications which are the modded versions are against the terms and privacy policy of the official Instagram application. If developers smell the presence of these modded versions, they request to block these accounts of users using those modded versions. Gb Instagram has an anti-ban function, and you are saved from being banned by Instagram, and also no root is used by this application.

Frequently Asked Questions about GB Instagram

Is GB Instagram Safe?

When it comes to the safety of GB Instagram, It is safe. There is no harm or danger to your data present in your mobile phones and the pictures.

What is GB Instagram?

GB Instagram is a modded version that is developed by third-party developers. Official Instagram developers do not develop it. While using GB Instagram, you need to be cautious as sometimes it may get Ban from the official Instagram developers. Still, if you use the GB Instagram, you are free from banned from the official developers of Instagram.

How to download GB Instagram?

GB Instagram is not present on Google Play Store, as mentioned earlier, and if you want to download the GB Instagram, you have to go to the web and download the GB Instagram from the web. Also, you don’t need to worry about the update for the application installed on the web. It will be updated with the Google Play Store. Whenever the Google Play Store application gets an update, the application downloaded from the web also gets updated.

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The Final Words

When we talk about GBInstagram, we must say it’s not just application it’s more than that as there are thousands of features that it provides us with. If you are a user of Instagram, you are only able to upload your pictures and videos, but if you use GB Instagram, you can even download the pictures, videos, live streaming, and Stories of your friends. You can translate the text into the language of your own choice for talking to your foreign friends. You can even hide your online status and hide from view the status of your friend, which means you can see the story of your friends and still hide. If you want to enjoy these features of GB WhatsApp, what are you waiting for? Download the GBWhatsApp in your mobile phones right now and dive into the tremendous world of photos and videos over Instagram.

Download GB Instagram APK (Offical)

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