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App Name Instander APK
Publisher GBPlus
Size 54.6 MB
Latest Version v17.2
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Required 9.0 +
MOD For android
Developer TheDise
Update 25 minutes ago
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Who does not know about Instagram? Instander APK All of us have been using Instagram for socializing since it has made the whole world into a small village and connected people from all around the world. We can connect with our friends and family and also bring new chains of different friendships without having to sweat our lives because Instagram is available to fulfill all such needs.

This platform is really endless because it is not only used for socializing but also acts as a major platform for growing the economy and gaining a popular place in business and marketing.

Instagram on one hand is a full fun-filled application and another hand provides us with limitless features that help us to gain the ultimate social experience. But Instagram lacks a few of its features like it does not enable you to download media files or remove unwanted things from Instagram which you want. it also does not allow you to download the status and there is the presence of annoying ads popping up every then and now which makes the Instagram experience worst.

There are a lot of modern versions that are now being made because Instagram fails to fulfill all in terms of socialization, so these modern versions give you complete control of socialization without having to worry about anything. Instander APK is one of the best examples of a modded version of Instagram which gives you all the control over the features which you want and let you enjoy the Heights of socialization.

Instander Apk

What is Instander APK?

In standard, APK is one of the modified versions of the official Instagram application and it satisfies all that the official Instagram application fails to do. Although Instagram has pools of features present it does not make your experience worth mentioning since many features are limited. Many developers have come up with different kinds of mods which lead to the making of third-party applications and they serve as the best source of substitute for the Instagram original application. These moded versions have gained popularity in no time because they have satisfied all that the official Instagram application has not.

These applications, on one hand, are really handy but on the other hand, it is not completely safe to use such applications because they are not as secure as the official Instagram applications you may get blocked permanently from using do Instagram after official Instagram developers found you using this moded application.

Instander APK is one kind of Mod which is developed in the really secure form and not only satisfies you by giving you some additional functions but also act as one of the securest platform available for using all the features of Instagram and also rendering your account safe. The developers have kept security their first priority since other motive versions were constantly being blocked by all social Instagram applications. the krogan500 however developed and standard and it has set made it gain popularity in no time and its fame is reaching Heights of Sky.


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Download Instander APK Latest Version for Android

The Instander APK latest version for Android link is given at our site and you can click on the link given to download this tremendous application in your Android gadgets and enjoy all the features which are not available on the official Instagram application.

Whenever you are downloading some official version of Instagram you need to click on the Google play store to get that version but since Instander does not satisfy the privacy policy of the official Instagram application so it is not available on the Google Play store and you have to search some website to get the link for downloading and installing it in your Android devices.

The link to download Instander is given at our side and we assure you that the link is spam-free and will not threaten your data at any cost and you can simply get it without any complication.

When you have made your mind to enjoy the tremendous features of the standard application, you can simply click on the link given below to download this amazing application in your Android gadgets and dive into the immense pool of features that Instander provides you.


The list of amazing features which this application provides you is given down below. check out the features if you do not know about them already since all the details are given Down which will force you to get this application in your Android gadgets right now.

Download Insta Photos and Videos

Official Instagram application does not allow you to download photos and videos and it is really frustrating that these days when socialization has become really common, you are not able to download photos and videos from a particular side. the modern versions have geared to give you an option to download Instagram photos and videos but they usually lacked in privacy options and they're not really secure to use.

Instander APK has added a downloader inside it which allows you to download any media file on your Android device with just a single click.

In downloaders, the malware is present which can harm files that are present in your devices but when you get Instander, this will allow you to save this space that was to be occupied by the downloader and make your video files available to you without having to change from one app to another.

Hide view stories

Instander allows you to enjoy your privacy without having to make everything public on social media accounts. whenever you view on one story, the person who's told you are viewing will automatically get to know that you have known the story of his since he will be notified about it. this will make you clearly available on Instagram and they can see you online and try to chat with you when you are not even in the mood.

So you can enjoy the hiding your stories option by downloading this tremendous application inside your Android gadgets which will not allow your name to pop up on the view status and your friends will not know that you have viewed their stories. this on one hand will allow you to turn off your presence on people's story and another hand will save you from the times when you’re not in a mood to Chat.

Hide Direct Read Messages

The direct message is read and most of the times when we get the message we want to open it but sometimes we fail to reply back through messages and it creates a sense of fight between you and a friend of yours because he will know that you have opened the text but did not reply to his text.

You can sort out this dilemma by enjoying the feature of hiding direct read messages and in this way, you will be able to open the message and the friend will not know that you have opened it already because it is not being shown to him.

This, in a nutshell, will help you to handle all such awkward situations and you can prevent unnecessary fights between you and the person who sent you a message. the person will only know that you have read his message when you reply to him at your own comfortable time and place and will save you from all the awkward situations.

Increase Stories Quality

This application provides you the option of uploading video and pictures in high quality and this means that you do not have to wait for a lot of time just to load the stories on your screen and you can simply tap on it which will start its playing.

Instagram verification

The Instagram verification option appears next to your account and this Instagram verification means that Instagram has confirmed that your account is authentic and you are a public figure or a celebrity.

The people who have their Instagram account verified have it followed by their name and they do have a lot of followers and people who influence them. This is a sign of fame and you can enjoy it by downloading the modern version of Instagram and extend your influencers and followers in no time.

All you have to do is donate to the developer and you can get it on that application in real-time. It takes a little amount of USD to get your account verified and a badge of a check will be then attached to your username and you are good to use it.

Disable Analytics

Whenever you are using your account you can disable analytics whenever you want. This feature stays and tells statistics and insights for publications will not work on your account and you can always choose to disable them.

This feature is so handy and helpful that everybody wants to enjoy disabling analytics but the official Instagram application does not allow you to enjoy this feature but you can still do so by downloading this moded version in your Android gadgets.

Disable Video Autoplay

The Instagram application has a feature of autoplay video and the video continues to play one after another. Whenever you are using Wi-Fi in your home, it is not a big deal but when you are using data for playing Instagram it can be way costly because you have to get on the package again and again.

Most of the time the data connection is enabled and when you leave it online, the video continues to play one after another until you found it or the data get short of the Internet and you're left with no data to run any other video.

This is so annoying and frustrating at times because a lot of data has already been used and you are left with none usually. If you use Instander, it allows you to disable video autoplay, and the videos which were once played one after another will be disabled and you can save your data and battery.

No Advertisements

The official Instagram application becomes really frustrating when the advertisements keep on popping one after another. This, on one hand, drains our battery and another hand takes a lot of data and can render the Instagram experience really costly.

The Iinstander APK application makes your experience really easy because you can block all the advertisements and enjoy the smooth running of this application in your Android devices.

Disable Stories Autoplay

The stories autoplay can also be disabled by using instander application. The auto-playing of stories usually drains all the data and our battery and makes do Instagram experience really irritating. The option for disabling the stories autoplay is present on instander and you can change it to allow to see the stories of people you want and you can literally edit it whenever you want.

Set path to download

Whenever you download anything on Instagram though a particular picture or video is automatically downloaded to the storage of your phone and it makes the application really annoying. Whenever you’re using instander, APK version you can select the path to download the videos or stories.

Change the setting of the download path and it dictates the Instagram to allow the downloads to be stored on the desired path you choose.

How to Install Instander APK on Android?

For downloading and installing instander,

  • First of all, you need to go to the download page and download it from the trustworthy site install the application in your Android gadgets.
  • Once you are done, tap on it to open.
  • Before you do so, you should go to the settings and allow the download from unknown sources option.
  • Go back to the location APK and install this application in your Android gadgets.

  • Click open, sign up with your account and you're good to use this.


What Is Instander?

Instander is the modified version of Instagram which is developed by some third-party developers and not by official Instagram developers. It has a lot more features than the official Instagram application and makes your experiencing of socialization really worthwhile.

From Where Can I Download It?

It is not available on the Google play store since it does not satisfy the privacy policy of the official Instagram application so you need to download it from a trustworthy site.

Is It Free To Download?

Yes, it is totally free to download and you do not have to pay any extra money to get the subscription.

How Can I Update Instander Apk?

You do not need to worry about the update because it gets automatically updated when The Google play store updates its application.

Final Thoughts

Instander allows you to improve your socialization and makes a connection with your friends and family really worthwhile. It gives you do best features and a platform where you can boost all the features of Instagram and enjoy the Heights of socialization.

If you have any queries about this mode version commented in the comment section below and we will try to answer you.

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