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Cydia APK

As you probably already know, Cydia is a powerful software manager for iOS that allows iPhone and iPad users, if they are jailbroken, to install apps that are not installed or are not yet on App Store on their mobile devices. Authorized by their developers. Apps are easier to use in unofficial Android stores, so the exact equivalent of Google’s OS doesn’t make sense.

Bring the iOS Environment to Android

To do this, this Cydia for Android, which should not be confused with Cydia Substrate (a platform that allows us to modify our applications), does not have the same functions as the iPhone version. You don’t have to bother with fancy fashion and unofficial apps.

Name Cydia APK
Version Latest
Size 3 MB
Update 1 day ago
Required 5.0 +


App Store Themes are Perfectly Divided into Categories and Multiple Games

In this case, in fact, we’re talking about a marketplace where we can download applications and games that we can’t find on Google Play, so the APK of this program has also been removed from the Play Store. It also allows us to download themes to make our Android a graphical iOS interface. In other words, it aims to bring the entire environment of Apple’s operating system to our Android device.

The Alternative Platform for iOS Users

Jailbroken, a platform often thought of as an alternative app store for iPhones and iPads, has hit Android everywhere recently, including Cydia Substrate*, a tool for developers to embed code changes in other more apps. While Android itself is more open and customizable than Apple’s locked iOS, it already has a growing collection of apps designed for power users who root their devices-a process like iOS jailbreaking.

Customize Apple’s Software

Cydia an iPhone makes a lot of sense because it’s impossible to customize Apple’s software, including the lock screen and home screen. On Android, however, it is believed that most desired trivia and customization can be controlled by installing third-party apps, from Android launchers that can change everything on your device (like Facebook’s Home app, for example) up to very specific settings can be. Change your device's default behaviour.

Features Of Cydia APK

  • Rooting an Android phone gives users more power to get things out of the box than is possible. 
  • In addition to the ability to upgrade to newer versions of Android for "official" releases, some rooted phones and tablet apps can adjust your CPU settings, define custom multi-touches motion, record screenshots, delete files, and access them. 
  • apps are not offered in their country, adjust cache size, change access permissions and many more great things.
  • Cydia may one day be a central place to find all of these things, but it’s just a launch framework. 
  • The only add-on to Cydia so far is Winter Board, a way to customize the “theme engine” that has become popular over the years on iOS running in the background of the phone. 
  • On Android, winter Board works with themes provided by other customization platforms, including ADW Launcher, GO Launcher Ex, Launcher Pro, dxTop, and the T-Mobile/Cyanogen Mod Theme Chooser platform.
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