CCleaner Pro APK v6.4.1 Download (MOD, Professional Unlocked/Ads-Free)

CCleaner Pro APK

The software is designed to fix problems with your technological device, such as cleaning your system, removing junk files (supports scanning and deleting junk files), quality optimization, removing unsafe software installations, finding, and removing duplicate files and many other features that help improve computer performance available through. 

 That is why this software is always getting appreciation and enthusiastic support from consumers right now.

About The APK

CCleaner offers great benefits to consumers. If you want to clean your house, you need to keep it clean, the computer is the same here too. Using this software will make your device as fast and light as when you first buy it or after using it for a long time. With the many features that come with it, you are guaranteed to be given a great user experience.

Name CCleaner Pro APK
Version v6.4.1
Size 35 MB
Update 1 day ago
Required 5.0 +


Best Software Application

First, you need to download the application software. The on-screen interface will then open the license key to show you how the software works. You can choose to use the free version or pay more to use the more advanced version.

Features Of CCleaner Pro APK

  • Simple and efficient interface

Ccleaner has a simple but equally efficient interface; users need to click to select operations performed by the software with a quick mouse click. This user-friendly interface has made the game popular and suitable for beginners who don’t know much about technology and for experienced people who can still use it.

  • Clean and optimize your device:

First, you speed up the performance of your device. It also cleans and removes all garbage from your phone.

The download folder, application cache, browser history and more will be cleared for maximum performance of your device.

  • Restore your storage space:

Fully streamline the integrity of your Android mobile device. Whether it’s a tablet-like a mobile phone, it doesn’t matter.

  • Unwanted applications on your device can be uninstalled at once.
  • Get the best storage space.  Easily erase all jargon on your device.
  • Additional files in place will also be deleted and removed from the device. The Storage Analyzer tool also monitors and optimizes all the storage space on your device.

  • View your apps:

Which applications capture the most data?  In addition, all frequently used applications are cleaned and obscured to save your storage space.

Any application that prints battery will also be visible and fixed.

Any unused application can also be uninstalled for you.

  • Speed ​​up your Android:

Complete one of your rotating tasks and immediately clear your device memory to speed up the performance of your mobile device.

Hibernation may prevent the application from running in the background of the device.  Then you can reopen everything you need.

  • User environment

It optimizes everything as a user.  Easy access With just a few mouse clicks, every action is performed.

That said, navigating the entire app is no problem.

You can easily and conveniently check the status of all applications and determine the exact effect of each application on your device.

CCleaner Pro APK Free Download - Pro Unlocked, No Ads

Want free access to all premium features?  Now you can if you choose to download the latest version of CCleaner Pro APK for Android.  For example, not all pro parties have a price.  Ignore the paywall and log into the app directly and take advantage of 100% of the benefits.

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