Angry Birds Classic APK Download 9.9.0 Mod + (Unlimited Money)

Angry Birds Classic Apk: In the game, players will have the opportunity to meet the famous characters of two series in an epic, where you will also have robots such as Red the Optimus Prime, Chuck Bumblebee, and many interesting characters, as well as unique egg robots.

Angry Birds Classic Apk

In addition, you can also play as a Deceptihog, who is forced to the island.


Experience yourself in a smooth and enjoyable shooter scrolling experience as your enemies have to attack with your specific shots. However, there is a unique game in the original Angry Birds Classic Apk game where you have to demolish structures to defeat enemies.

This time, however, things get faster when you run your Transformers. Run and maintain shooting structures to dispose of pigs. Escape obstacles with special moves and more.

Angry Birds Classic Apk Download

Angry Birds Classic Apk

NameAngry Birds Classic Apk
Size91 MB
Update1 day ago
Requires4.4 +



  • Grab The Bases As You Drive Away From The Invaders

As you begin your quest for Angry Birds Classic Apk Transformer, your first goal is to take over the land of Piggy Island, which is now under the control of the Egg robots. Find endless challenges in a row as you shoot enemies in thrilling gameplay and solve puzzles while playing.

If you also claim the places you control, you will still earn gold after a while. Therefore, you will not only get rid of yourself in an interesting game but also spend some time exploring places and collecting gold for free after an hour or two.

  • Enjoy The Game With Dozens of Different Heroes And Criminals

With many different heroes with special abilities and the ability to do your adventures, Angry Birds Classic Apk players will have the opportunity to switch between different heroes during their adventures. And since characters from Deceptihog and Angry Birds Transformers are available, you can easily choose them yourself without hassle. Encourage yourself to change your behavior with unique heroes and use their changes and unique abilities.

  • Change Your Hero To Avoid Enemies In Many Cars

Speaking of which, Angry Birds Transformers players can also make unique cars during the action. These abilities allow you to accelerate or fly fast to avoid enemy barriers or attacks. In some cases, some advanced modifications allow you to block enemy attacks, which is very interesting.

  • Unleash Shots Of Immense Force Using our Foreign Friend's Available Firepower

You can forget about the empty piece and leave the house as you now get cannon plasma epics from our foreign friends. Encourage yourself to unleash a series of fire on enemies as you explode their structures with precision and damage.

Tap the screen to download your shots and destroy the enemies as fast as possible. Look at the structures and find their weaknesses so they can explode easily.

  • Feel Free to Customize Your Heroes With New weapons and skills

If you want more fireworks, the game also offers many upgrades to pick up for your heroes. Encourage them to improve their fireworks with new weapons and old upgrades. In addition, the game also offers new features that you can equip your heroes when you are ready.

For those interested, Angry Birds Transformers introduces Android players with completely refreshing gameplay, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in epic shoot'em up gameplay.

The Final Verdict

With exciting graphics, visuals, and satisfying explosion effects, you will find yourself completely addicted to the game. The beautiful atmosphere and unique characters will make the Angry Birds Transformers journey more interesting.

Angry Birds Classic Apk Transformers with stunning sound effects and addictive soundtracks allow players to immerse themselves in advanced shooters.

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